TT Electronics has announced the launch of its S-2CONNECT Creo SOM for rapid IoT deployment.

The system-on-module board is designed for engineers, programmers and developers who are looking to fast-track IoT applications development using a pre-certified system-on-module (SOM) board with cellular connectivity.

The S-2CONNECT Creo SOM is a scalable and cost-effective embedded system-on-module platform for building industrial IoT products and features powerful processor and cellular connectivity for global coverage and is able to deliver true real-time sensing and positioning data.

The platform features multiple industry standard interfaces suitable for a wide range of applications such as automation, asset tracking, mobile healthcare and broader industrial IoT.

Pre-certified for Europe, UK, US and Canada, it provides advanced features to accommodate the most demanding applications, including an ARM Cortex-A7 processor with embedded Linux OS that supports a wide range of interfaces for connecting peripheral such as Bluetooth, GNSS for positioning and serial interfaces. It also features 4GB flash memory, 256MB RAM and a TPM (Trusted Platform Module) integrated security crypto processor for enhanced protection.

The S-2CONNECT Creo SOM has a soldered eSIM and 3FF micro SIM-card holder with optional cellular connectivity subscription. Integrated sensors - accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer – provide built-in functionality.

An online software development kit (SDK) is also available for developers.