Toshiba releases low current CMOS operational amplifier

Toshiba Electronics Europe has released a CMOS operational amplifier featuring ultra-low current consumption to its product line-up.

Operational amplifiers have a number of uses including boosting weak signals from sensors. To support longer use between charges of battery-operated equipment, including IoT edge devices and other mobile devices such as handheld POS terminals they must also deliver lower current consumption.

Toshiba has used its CMOS process technology to optimise the circuitry of the TC75S102F operational amplifier helping to lower its power consumption to ultra-low levels. With a supply voltage between 1.5V and 5.5V, the new device is a full-range (rail-to-rail) input/output operational amplifier that offers higher performance than its predecessor. The supply current (IDD) will never exceed 0.6μA and is typically half that figure at just 0.27μA.

The TC75S102F is supplied in a SOT-25 package measuring just 2.9mm x 1.6mm x 1.1mm.