Dual high-quality sound operational amplifier

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has announced the launch of the NL8802 Dual Operational Amplifier intended for home, professional, car and portable audio applications.

Following on from various audio operational amplifiers, such as the MUSES series, which is based on the company’s advanced technology for high-quality sound, the NL8802 is the entry-level model of the MUSES series and is a high-quality audio operational amplifier with a good balance between sound quality, performance, and cost.

The NL8802 integrates two high-performance operational amplifiers in a single package, offering increased flexibility and efficiency for circuit design.

The NL8802 supports a broad operating voltage range of ±22 V, enhancing its compatibility with various power supply configurations and enabling seamless integration into Hi-Fi and professional audio equipment.

It is able to offer a wide dynamic range thanks to its excellent audio characteristics, such as low noise and distortion, wide bandwidth, and high slew rate.

Another NL8802GQ in a compact and high heat-dissipating DFN3030-8-GQ package is under development, optimising PCB space utilisation on circuit boards and facilitating ease of integration into compact portable electronic devices requiring high-density component mounting.