Toshiba launches 600V sine-wave PWM Driver IC for three-phase brushless motors

​Toshiba has announced the launch of a new three-phase brushless motor driver for home appliances such as air-conditioners and air-purifiers.

The new TB67B000AHG driver is also suited for use in a wide variety of industrial applications, and its launch extends the existing TB67B000 series of drivers. That series is designed to deliver highly energy efficient motor drive and noise reduction in a single, integrated package.

Toshiba’s newly developed 600V TB67B000AHG driver IC is pin-compatible with the current 500V TB67B000HG and can be used as a replacement or upgrade to provide greater resilience to voltage fluctuations. The motor drive output can generate either sine-wave PWM signals or wide-angle trapezoidal commutation at frequencies between 14kHz and 23kHz, thereby achieving low-noise, low vibration operation.

The device integrates a 600V/2A IGBT three-phase bridge and motor control IC into a 32.8mm x 13.5mm HDIP30 package, saving board space and system cost. Error detection functions including a current limiter, thermal shutdown, under voltage lockout (UVLO) and motor lock detection are also integrated in the compact package.

Toshiba is also developing another 600V driver (TB67B000AFG) that is housed in a small 34-pin HSSOP package that includes a heat sink.