Toshiba has unveiled the TC78B016FTG, a three-phase brushless motor driver IC that is claimed to achieve high efficiency and minimal noise at a range of rotational speeds without any need for phase adjustment. The TC78B016FTG is optimised for use in the small fan motors found in home appliances and industrial equipment.

There is increased demand for home appliances and industrial equipment that provide strong energy efficiency with minimal noise generation. As such the use of inverters for fan motor control is more widespread than ever. Conventionally, improving the high efficiency of existing products requires phase adjustment of the motor voltage and the motor current to each fan motor.

This IC makes use of Toshiba’s latest control technology, which is said to automatically adjust the phase of the motor voltage and the motor current. The TC78B016FTG is housed in a 36-pin WQFN36 package, measuring 5 x 5 x 0.8 and is claimed to achieve a drive equal in efficiency to an MCU control system. Furthermore, since automatic phase adjustment is secured with a simple configuration, development times are shortened by removing the need to create software and adjust the characteristics of the MCU.