TDK unveils programmable 5kW power supplies for EV and battery testing

2 mins read

TDK has introduced two new models to the 5kW TDK-Lambda GENESYS+ series of high-power density programmable DC power supplies.

This expansion provides engineers with incremental choices in output voltage and current ranging from 0-10V/500A to 0-1500V/3.4A. Target applications for these high voltage 5kW power supplies are automotive testing, which includes electric and hybrid cars with high voltage batteries, general test or research, measurement, semiconductor fabrication, battery manufacturing, and renewable energy.

The two new voltage models offer 0-1000V/0-5A and 0-1500V/0-3.4A programable outputs. They can be specified to accept three-phase 170 to 265Vac or wide range 342 to 528Vac inputs with active Power Factor Correction (PFC). The units can operate in constant current, constant voltage, or constant power limit modes, and in addition, offer internal resistance simulation.

The series benefits from DSP (Digital Signal Processing) technology and the latest generation components, including ferrite materials, to obtain efficiencies of up to 92%. Less internal waste heat ensures a higher power rating without compromising reliability.

The GENESYS+ 5kW is suitable for zero stack rack mounting, measuring 423mm wide, 486.5mm deep and 43.6mm (1U) high. Cooling is provided by variable speed fans monitoring the ambient temperature and the output load for lower audible noise to reduce operator fatigue. The weight of the unit is less than 8.5kg for easy handling.

All models in the GENESYS+ series have a high contrast, wide viewing angle LCD display with user-controllable brightness and dimming functions, and faster up and down programming response times, with user-adjustable voltage and current slew rate control. Arbitrary waveform test profiles of up to 100 steps can be generated and stored in four memory cells and activated by commands from the communication ports or the front panel controls.

For additional power, the 5kW programmable power supplies use TDK-Lambda’s advanced parallel system (patent pending) allowing a multiple-unit system to achieve a dynamic response and ripple and noise performance comparable to that of a single power supply. Up to 12 GENESYS+ units can be connected in parallel very simply by connecting a single data link cable between units and connecting the DC outputs. The command and auxiliary units auto-configure by detecting the parallel data connection and setting their parameters accordingly.

Programming is consistent across the entire 1kW to 60kW GENESYS+ series by either front panel controls, remotely via LAN (LXI 1.5), USB 2.0, and RS232/485 communications, or by using the isolated analogue control and monitoring (0-5V, 0-10V), which are provided as standard.

Optional interfaces include a choice of EtherCAT or Modbus-TCP or GPIB (IEEE488.2). Software drivers, a waveform creator and a virtual front panel GUI are provided in the software package. Safety features are standard in all GENESYS+™ power supplies, providing Safe/Auto Re-Start, Last Setting Memory, and built-in protection functions. A blank front panel option, without a display, is offered to avoid unauthorised changes to the unit’s settings.

The five-year warranty series is safety certified to IEC/EN/UL/CSA 61010-1 with CE and UKCA marking to the Low Voltage, EMC and RoHS Directives. The GENESYS+ series is also compliant with IEC/EN 61204-3 Class A for conducted and radiated EMI and EMC immunity.