Stackpole increases power rating for Nichrome chip resistor

Stackpole has increased the power rating for the RNCF0201 size precision Nichrome chip resistor to 0.05W.

This improved power rating will allow the RNCF0201 to be used for applications that may have previously required an 0402 or larger size chip resistor.

The precision and small size of the RNCF makes it a popular choice for a wide range of consumer electronics, computer and telecom equipment, measurement systems, instrumentation, medical monitoring, and high-end commercial audio devices.

The resistor is intended to help design engineers who are having to meet the pressure of developing ever smaller electronic devices while at the same time maintaining or increasing functionality. As a result there is a corresponding need for smaller and more precise electronic components, such as chip resistors.

If a precision application requires both small size and high-power handling, then finding a suitable precision resistor can prove challenging.