RS Components introduces power converters from TRACO Power

RS Components (RS) has introduced a series of 1W and 2W DC-DC converters from TRACO Power that are suitable for a broad range of applications, especially those that are cost critical and have strict space constraints.

The TBA series of isolated DC-DC converters comprises of four types of 1W and 2W DC-DC converters, each coming in a SIP package. Specifically designed to offer a low-cost solution with unregulated outputs, but with no concessions in terms of either quality or operational lifetime, the TBA series includes the TBA 1/1E/1HI 1W variants, plus the TBA 2 series of 2W units.

Based around a new design, the converters improve on industry-standard features and deliver integrated and continuous short-circuit protection circuitry, an operating temperature range from –40 to +85°C without derating, and I/O isolation of either 1500 or 3000V(DC).

Other key specifications include input voltage selections of 5, 12 or 24V(DC), as well as 3.3V for the TBA 1 series; an input tolerance of ±10%; efficiencies up to 84%; and a choice or SIP-4 or SIP-7 packages.

The TRACO Power TBA series of DC-DC converters is shipping now from RS in the EMEA region.