RFX has announced the release of a high performance OS936-10 series Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO).

The device is able to deliver close in phase noise at 130dBc/Hz @10Hz and far out phase noise as low as -178dBc/Hz @ 100kHz.

Digital systems see the effect of phase noise in the time domain as jitter, the lower the phase noise the lower the jitter and communication systems see the effect of phase noise in signal bandwidth, the lower the phase noise the lower the bandwidth required, which can affect channel width.

Available at the industry standard 10MHz frequency and incorporating a high performance noise-optimised SC-Cut crystal, short term ageing over 30 days is ±0.1ppb maximum per day whilst long term ageing is ±50ppb maximum per year after 30 days continuous operation. With an optimised control and heating circuit design, the OS936-10 can deliver a frequency stability of ±10ppb over the wide -40 to 70C operating temperature range.

As standard the OS936-10 is available with a supply voltage of 12Vd.c. and sine wave output compatibility making them suitable for a wide range of applications. The design's flexibility means that alternative supply voltages (3.3Vd.c., 5Vd.c. or 24Vd.c.) and output compatibilities to suit almost any application can be developed to meet specific customer requirements.

Housed in a 36 x 26.5mm package with a height of only 10mm, the model also incorporates an electronic trim option of ±0.5ppm minimum (2.25±2.25Vd.c.). Fully RoHS compliant, the OS936-10 series meets vibration, mechanical and thermal shock to MIL standard 202F.

Typical applications include base stations, instrumentation, military communications, optical networking, radar, repeater stations, satellite test and measurement equipment.