Renesas introduces advanced signal conditioner IC

Renesas Electronics has introduced the ZSSC3240, a sensor signal conditioner (SSC) and the newest member of its leading-edge SSC portfolio.

The ZSSC3240 delivers high accuracy, sensitivity, and flexibility for sensor applications such as resistive pressure sensors and medical infrared thermometers. It features best-in-class performance and speed with up to 24 bits analogue-to-digital conversion (ADC) resolution.

With a flexible sensor front end and a broad range of output interfaces, the ZSSC3240 can be used for nearly all types of resistive and absolute voltage sensor elements, enabling customers to develop complete sensing platforms from a single SSC device. This combination plus its small size makes the SSC suitable for use with a wide variety of sensor-based devices for the industrial, consumer, and medical markets, including industrial pressure transmitters, HVAC sensors, weight scales, factory automation devices, smart meters, and continuous smart health monitors.

Micro-machined and silicon-based sensing elements provide mostly non-linear and very small signals, requiring special technologies to convert the sensor signal into a linearized output. The ZSSC3240 SSC facilitates both the design and production of sensor interfaces by providing programmable, highly accurate, wide gain and quantization functions combined with powerful, high-order digital correction and linearization algorithms.

High performance, and flexible sensor front end configuration and analogue output options enable easy sensor platform design using a single IC and allows customers to leverage the SSC cost effectively for a wide variety of sensor elements that have different characteristics.