Powerlink added to RapID Platform Network Interface

Powerlink, a real-time industrial Ethernet protocol, has been added to Analog Devices’ RapID Platform Network Interface developed by the company’s Deterministic Ethernet Technology Group.

The complete, pre-tested, pre-certified solution is said to enable system designers to add Industrial Ethernet to an existing product, or to a new product, rapidly and at low cost.

With the RapID Platform Network Interface, system designers have the flexibility to embed the RapID Platform into their field device application as a module or completely embed the module’s components into the field device’s circuit card.

According to the company, RapID Platform also removes the development risk when managing the industrial protocol and network traffic for a host processor.

The RapID Platform Powerlink Network Interface operates as a controlled node and contains the Powerlink object dictionary with the object ranges provisioned for both standardised device profiles and custom manufacturer configurations.

The Network Interface makes use of these features to support the standard devices such as I/O modules, encoders and motor drives, or a custom device. In this way, the Network Interface can be customised to represent all of the data an application produces or consumes via Powerlink.

According to the company, all of the parameters defined in the Powerlink object dictionary are available for access via SDO communications in the Asynchronous Phase of Powerlink.

The Network Interface provides an embedded webserver so users can view network parameters and I/O data via customisable webserver content using the provision for communicating IP frames.