Power Integrations unveils quasi-resonant PFC IC with 750V GaN switch

Power Integrations has introduced the HiperPFS-5 family of power-factor-correction (PFC) ICs which come with an integrated 750V PowiGaN gallium-nitride switch.

With efficiency of up to 98.3 percent, these ICs deliver up to 240W without a heat sink and can achieve a power factor of better than 0.98. HiperPFS-5 ICs are intended for high-power USB PD adapters, TVs, game consoles, all-in-one computers and appliances.

The capacitors and inductors used in power supplies generate a phase change between current and voltage, causing losses in the power lines and potentially can disrupt other equipment connected to the AC mains. Many countries require power supplies over 7 W to adjust for this effect with so-called power factor correction, or PFC.

HiperPFS-5’s innovative QR discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) control technique adjusts the switching frequency across output load, input line voltage and input line cycle. QR DCM control is able to ensure low switching losses and permits the use of a low-cost boost diode. The variable frequency engine allows the reduction of boost inductor size by more than 50 percent compared to conventional critical-conduction-mode (CRM) boost PFC circuits.

Low switching and conduction losses, which are further reinforced by the PowiGaN switch, together with lossless current sensing, mean that HiperPFS-5 ICs are able to offer high efficiency across the entire load range, with efficiency rising as high as 98.3 percent.

HiperPFS-5 ICs provide a PF higher than 0.98 at full load. At light loads a power-factor-enhancement (PFE) feature compensates for input filter capacitance, maintaining a high PF of 0.96 even at 20 percent load. No-load power consumption is just 38 mW.

In many locations mains power can be highly unstable, often leading to over-voltage failure of power supply components. HiperPFS-5 ICs maintain a high-power factor up to 305 VAC and can operate continuously at up to 460 VAC during line swells.

Additionally, these ICs incorporate Power Integrations' automatic X-capacitor discharge (CAPZero) function, including the required redundant pins to meet safety regulations, and high-voltage self start-up - all in a low-profile, InSOP-T28F SMD power package.

Exposed cooling pads featured in the package are at source potential, providing effective cooling and simplifying the EMI solution. Digital line-peak-voltage detection ensures robust performance, even in the presence of distorted input from uninterruptable power supplies or generators.