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Power Integrations introduces InnoSwitch5 offline flyback switcher IC

Power Integrations has announced the release of the InnoSwitch5-Pro family of high-efficiency, programmable flyback switcher ICs.

The single-chip switcher achieves over 95 percent efficiency with an innovative secondary-side control scheme which achieves zero-voltage switching (ZVS) without a dedicated and costly additional high voltage switch.

The IC, which features a 750 V or a 900 V PowiGaN primary switch, primary-side controller, FluxLink isolated feedback and secondary controller with an I2C interface, optimises the design and manufacture of compact, highly efficient single- or multi-port USB PD adapters.

Applications are notebooks, high-end mobile phones and other portable consumer products, including designs that require the new USB PD EPR (Extended Power Range) protocol.

InnoSwitch5-Pro flyback switcher ICs feature lossless input line voltage sensing on the secondary side for adaptive DCM/CCM and ZVS control to maximise efficiency and simplify design across line and load.

The ICs also feature a post-production tolerance offset to facilitate accurate output constant-current (CC) control of better than two percent to support the UFCS protocol. Efficiency, at better than 95 percent, allows designers to eliminate heat sinks, spreaders and potting materials for thermal management, further reducing size, weight, component cost and manufacturing complexity.

Key markets for the InnoSwitch5-Pro family of flyback switcher ICs include high-density USB PD 3.1 Extended Power Range (EPR), UFCS and multi-protocol adapters, notebook adapters and after-market single- and multi-port chargers and adapters.