Power Integrations unveils InnoSwitch3-TN ICs

Power Integrations has introduced the highly integrated InnoSwitch3-TN off-line, CV/CC flyback switcher IC.

Offered in a safety-qualified, compact MinSOP-16A package and incorporating a 725V primary MOSFET, isolated feedback, synchronous rectification and secondary-side control, the InnoSwitch3-TN ICs enable power supplies that are simple to design and that are intended for appliance and industrial auxiliary applications up to 21W.

The advanced InnoSwitch3-TN flyback controller delivers constant efficiency across the load range and less than 5 mW no-load consumption.

The flexibility afforded by FluxLink communication technology means that positive and negative outputs are easily achieved. InnoSwitch3-TN ICs can be used in a 5V single-output power supply, with two positive output rails, or with both positive and negative rails, without any external feedback components.

Safety-rated FluxLink technology also ensures reliable synchronous rectification and accurate constant voltage and constant current on the output. The low forward drop of the SR MOSFET also ensures excellent cross-regulation performance.

Comprehensive safety features include output over-current and over-temperature protection.

The small MinSOP package and low number of external components required for a full PSU design make the InnoSwitch3-TN suitable for compact implementations.