Plessey targets handheld and portable lighting market

Plessey, the lighting and sensing products and components manufacturer, is to use its PLW7070 high power LED range to target handheld and portable lighting applications.

Plessey’s LEDs use its MaGIC GaN-on-Silicon technology to provide high-power LED components and system-level lighting solutions, from blue die through to complete luminaires. The PLW7070 is a single-chip, high-voltage LED design that not only provides improved levels of thermal performance but has also dramatically reduced cost, while delivering upwards of 30% more light output from an industry-standard 7070 footprint when using standard secondary optics, compared to existing four-chip solutions.

That output has been achieved by using an integrated multi-junction die architecture that has been able to eliminate the shadowing effects created when using a multiple die approach. Furthermore, a low thermal resistance, less than 2°C/W, and a high maximum junction temperature of 135°C has allowed advanced thermal management that in turn ensures greater reliability and enables the PLW7070 to maintain its high luminous flux over a wide temperature range.

The GaN-on-Silicon multi-junction, single-chip design can also be used in far-field imaging and, with the use of secondary optics, in narrow beam angle applications, such as torches and portable lighting. Offered in 12V and 24V versions and operating from input currents from 350mA to 3A, the PLW7070 LEDs are able to provide output powers from 1W to 15W and are available with a full range of CCT and CRI options.

The devices are supplied in a custom Aluminium Nitride ceramic package that has an industry standard solder pattern and footprint. A domed silicone lens provides a 120-degree wide viewing angle, while in-built ESD protection ensures stable yield throughout system manufacture and subsequent operation.

Commenting on potential applications, Giuliano Cassataro, Plessey’s Director of Sales, said, “Plessey’s high-power LEDs set the bar when it comes to low-cost, single-chip LEDs for demanding outdoor and commercial lighting applications. Specifically, the PLW7070 range provides a differentiated solution that is particularly suited to portable torches and lamps but is equally applicable for spot-lighting and down-lighting, and even high-bay and floodlighting requirements.”