Plessey launches GaN on Si LED dice

Plessey has announced the MaGIC LED dice range. Manufactured on the company's patented GaN on silicon technology, the so called 'blue dice' are said to be the latest innovation in high brightness LED dice for medium to high power applications.

Plessey's CTO Dr Keith Strickland said: "We have developed LED die for a number of applications and our GaN on silicon technology works particularly well in higher power applications. This current process technology will become the base for application specific LEDs – ASLEDs – which bridge the gap between LED component suppliers, solid state lighting fixture designers and OEMs."

Plessey offers blue die in various wavelength options. Capable of generating a light output efficiency of more than 60%, the dice are available with blue die wavelengths ranging from 420nm to 480nm and with power outputs of up to 10W.