OpenVPX board boasts 16 DSP cores and four Cortex-A15s

The VPX-D16A4-PCIE from CommAgility is a rugged high performance DSP and FPGA based card supplied in the 3U OpenVPX form factor.

Featuring a Gen2 PCI Express interface, the module is suited to applications that require high signal processing performance. In particular, says the company, it is suited to applications where it interfaces with other boards based around Intel processors.

The VPX-D16A4-PCIE complements CommAgility's VPX-D16A4, which provides similar functionality, but is aimed primarily at wireless applications. The main difference between the two modules is that the VPX-D16A4-PCIE includes a 10Gbaud 2x PCIe interface to the VPX backplane for each of two TI SoCs, instead of the VPX-D16A4's 20Gbaud RapidIO links.

With a TCI6638K2K SoC and a TMS320C6678 SoC, the board contains 16 C66x DSP cores and four ARM Cortex-A15 cores, as well as baseband and networking accelerators. Each device also has 2Gbyte of DDR3 memory.

Available in conduction or air cooled versions, the board comes with a full Linux BSP and example software support.