Nexperia’s 650 V recovery rectifiers now in D2PAK Real-2-Pin packaging configuration

Nexperia has released 650 V ultra- and hyperfast recovery rectifiers in D2PAK Real-2-Pin (R2P) packaging for use in various automotive, industrial and consumer applications including charging adapters, photovoltaic (PV), inverters, servers and switched mode power supplies (SMPS).

Credit: Nexperia

Combining planar die technology with a state-of-the-art junction termination (JTE) design, these rectifiers offer high power density, fast switching times with soft recovery and excellent reliability.

They are encapsulated in a D2PAK Real-2-Pin Package (SOT8018), which offers the same package outline as the standard D2PAK package but has only two pins instead of three (the middle cathode pin has been removed). This increases the pin-to-pin distance from 1.25mm to over 4mm, which allows to meet the creepage and clearance requirements stated in the IEC 60664 standard.

According to Nexperia, by removing the cathode pin from a standard D2PAK package it has created a Real-2-Pin package that can meet the creepage and clearance requirements, in particular for high voltage automotive applications.