Microminiature tactile switches offer more actuation force options

C&K has launched the microminiature RKC2 Series of tactile switches for devices where space efficiency is crucial.

Expanding on the RK Series, the RKC2 features a low profile of only 1.7mm to allow the PCB to sit closer to the surface of the device and allow more space for other necessary components.

With a small footprint of 3.5 mm x 2.7 mm, the RKC2 Series is designed for small electronics like automotive key fobs, IoT devices, wearables, mobile phones, high-end consumer products, medical devices and more. The RKC2 utilizes a hard actuator, which offers space-savings and allows designers to save cost on integrating additional interface buttons.

Available with four different actuation forces, including 180gf, 250gf, 350gf and 500gf, the RKC2 Series tactile switch ensures users experience the right tactile feel for the end-device.