Low-profile tactile switch for wearable devices

C&K, a manufacturer of electromechanical switches, has developed a miniature SMT tactile switch designed for wearable and portable IoT devices.

The PTS847 Series side-actuated tact switch combines a space-saving design with heightened durability to handle drop-impacts common to consumer devices.

Measuring 4.6 mm x 2.2 mm x 2.6 mm, the PTS847 Series features an edge mount configuration that raises just 0.95 mm above the PCB offering PCB saving and customer system space saving. Supporting 200K cycles, the low profile SMT switches are commonly used in wearable and IoT devices including sport watches, hearing aids, health monitoring devices, and Bluetooth accessories.

Designed to be highly reliable, the side actuation PTS847 Series switch is available with an optional rugged bracket. The bracket has an L-shape termination design that provides additional soldering strength in the operating direction. The SMT tactile switches provide full integration into reflow soldering standard processes, reducing time and costs for OEMs.

To meet a wide variety of application requirements, the PTS847 is available in two standard actuation forces including a 160gf version and a 350gf version.