Mexlexis unveils Triaxis position sensor along with PCB-less packages

Melexis has introduced the MLX90377 single- and dual-die (fully redundant) Triaxis position sensor for automotive and industrial applications together with a new PCB-less package for position sensors.

The MLX90377 is a magnetic rotary and linear position sensor IC, which builds on the company's MLX90371 and MLX90372 Triaxis sensors.

Based on the Triaxis Hall magnetic front-end, it integrates an ADC with signal conditioning, DSP and an output stage driver that supports SPC (Short PWM Code) as well as ratiometric analogue, PWM, and SENT signal formats.

Like other members of the Triaxis position sensor range, it can be used in rotary and linear motion position sensing applications. With its stray field robust modes, ASIL-C (single die) capability, and external pin measurement it is suited for high performance and safety critical applications.

The package options comprise the SMP-3 and SMP-4 (single mold package, 3- and 4-pin) for PCB-less designs. These new packages are intended to be used without a printed circuit board thereby reducing total system cost and improving mechanical integration and reliability.

The new package outlines are smaller than the existing DMP-4 package and offer better mechanical integration and quality via optimisation of the package body and electrical leads. The SMP-3 is a single die solution and will first be supported by the MLX90377 while the SMP-4 provides a dual die solution (shared power and ground pins) and will first be supported by the previously launched MLX90371.