Melexis unveils versatile dual latch & switch

Melexis has launched the MLX92352, a universal programmable 3-axis latch & switch targeting relative position and speed sensing.

The device provides magnetic flexibility and pitch independent dual outputs that can be set as speed, pulse or direction. With strong EMC and ESD performance, this stand-alone PCB-less device saves space and total module cost for automotive and industrial applications.

The MLX92351 (pre-programmed) and MLX92352 (programmable) are quadrature output devices, which accurately determine rotational speed and direction in motor systems. The 90° phase shift between the 2 outputs provides customers with pitch and air gap independence, resulting in magnetic design simplicity.

Both add extra flexibility by outputting any two-fold combination of X, Y and Z magnetic axes in the form of speed, pulse, or direction. Customers have the option to set independent magnetic thresholds from ±0.5 mT up to ±40 mT, receiving industry leading magnetic accuracy.

Melexis’ silicon-on-insulator technology (SOI) delivers improved performance for these magnetic latch & switch devices: 15kV HBM ESD, 8kV System ESD and high EMC robustness. This PCB-less solution saves space and cost. Single-component DC motor indexing designs are easy and simplify processes.

The MLX92352 and MLX92351 operate from 2.7 V all the way up to 60 V at junction temperature of 175℃. Last but not least, the last-state feedback function at start-up makes sure the motor system never misses a turn.

The versatility of the MLX92352 comes from its EEPROM programmability and freedom in setting any of the three axes to any output independently. Therefore, it is suited for a large number of applications: linear speed and direction control (power liftgate, power module closures), incremental rotary encoding (cadence sensor for eBikes, fan and pump motor indexing), dual linear position detection (piston and levers) and angular position detection (knobs, jog wheel).

The MLX92351 is supplied pre-programmed, while the MLX92352 offers end of line (EoL) programmability to compensate for modules' mechanical tolerances in production. The devices are offered in either VA package (PCB-less) or in an industry-standard TSOT package (SMD). An automotive version is AEC-Q100 qualified and supports ASIL system integration as per ISO 26262.