Maximising optical performance in high-bandwidth computing applications

TE Connectivity has released its Ruggedised Optical Backplane Interconnect System (ROBIS) in Europe through TTI.

The ROBIS features a fibre-optic ribbon cable that feeds through the backplane to removable system modules using MT ferrules. It is claimed to provide a high-density, blind-mate optical interconnect in a backplane/daughercard configuration and meets the requirements of high-bandwidth computing applications such as HD video images requiring optical infrastructure in adverse environments. Other suitable applications include vehicle electronics, radar, secure communications systems, avionics, imaging and targeting, processing and aerospace and defence applications.

Designed to maximise optical performance, the ROBIS is available in full-size VITA 66.1 modules accommodating two MT ferrules and VITA 66.4 modules which are half width and hold a single MT ferrule.For high performance, the receptacle connector insert floats relative to the shell, and is said to provide ±0.25mm planar floating alignment capability.

Connector mounting screws with pre-applied Nylok patches help withstand vibration and locating posts help ensure proper position on the backplane and module boards. Blind mating is enabled with the use of guide pins.

Specifications include durability to 100 cycles, tested per EIQ-445-21 and shock of 50G, saw tooth, 11ms pulse duration, tested per TIA/EIA-455-14 condition E. Operating temperature is -20 to 85°C.