RF, imaging and semiconductor company e2v has announced plans to launch the EV12AS350, a next generation 12-bit Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC), that is claimed to offer 5.4GSps, low latency and low noise.

The EV12AS350 is set to be the only 12-bit resolution ADC on the market that combines signal digitisation at 5.4GSps, instantaneous bandwidth in excess of 3GHz and latency as low as 26 clock cycles with a noise of -150dBm/Hz. Unlike other ADCs on the market, it will be free of non-harmonic spurs, creating a pure signal for coders to manipulate in demanding applications.

With the ability to use a simultaneous sampling mode to average 4Adc cores and gain 6dB of Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR), the EV12AS350 will offer high resolution and high dynamic range in one component. These capabilities make suit it for electronic warfare and test and measurement applications.

The EV12AS350 is expected to be available in 2016.