Magnachip releases mixed-signal power management IC and level shifter

Magnachip Mixed-Signal has released a multi-functional Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC) and a multi-channel level shifter to regulate different voltages and signals within display panels in IT devices.

Credit: Magnachip

The products feature PMIC and level-shifter technology stemming from Magnachip’s research and development activities since 2019, and provides enhanced efficiency, low power consumption, multi-functionality and multi-channel capability.

The multi-functional PMIC was developed as a one-chip solution that integrates a built-in controller, switches, logic circuit, two boost regulators, two negative low-dropout regulators, three high-current regulators for voltage down and two positive op-amps.

With I²C*, this PMIC can control dynamic voltage management, a built-in on/off timer, protection circuits and switching frequency transition. As a result, it enhances efficiency and reduces power consumption in applications. Therefore, the power required for the operation of high-end display panels in IT devices will be stably converted and distributed.

The new multi-channel level shifter has been specially designed to regulate turn-on/off voltages for over 24 channels and efficiently manage voltage signals. Consequently, this level shifter fully satisfies the demanding channel requirements of high-resolution display panels and even UHD panels.