ADI power management IC charges wearables and hearables faster

Analog Devices has released the MAX77659, a single-inductor multiple output (SIMO) power management IC (PMIC) capable of much faster rates of charging.

An integrated switch-mode buck-boost charger Analog says that it is capable of charging wearables, hearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices faster than most other PMICs currently available.

The MAX77659 SIMO PMIC delivers over four hours of play time after a short, ten-minute charge, and uses a single inductor to power multiple rails, reducing the bill of materials (BOM) by 60 percent and shrinking total solution size by 50 percent.

The PMIC integrates a switch-mode buck-boost charger and three independently programmable buck-boost regulators, that all share a single inductor to minimise the total solution size.

The regulators extend battery life by operating at 91 percent efficiency during moderate to heavy load conditions while consuming only 5µA of quiescent current during light load conditions. The MAX77659 supports autonomous headroom control, which reduces heat dissipation by limiting the voltage drop while providing enough headroom to regulate the charging current.

The MAX77659 is offered in a 30-bump wafer level package (WLP) that measures 2.55 mm x 2.37mm. Use of a single inductor and integration of the charger delivers a total solution size of just 22mm², which is small enough for the most compact wearable and hearable applications.