Littelfuse 828 Series High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses

Littelfuse has announced the 828 Series of High-Voltage Cartridge Fuses.

These fuses have been developed and tested to meet the circuit protection needs of compact automotive electronics, specifically Electric Vehicle (EV) applications.

Designed to be robust, these fuses are Littelfuse internal AEC-Q200 compliant, providing a high interrupting rating (10 KA @ 1,000 Vdc), which is suitable for the On-Board Chargers (OBCs) and Power Distribution Units (PDUs) in the latest EV designs.

Available in through-hole and bolt-down versions, it’s flexible and can be used with either printed circuit board (PCB) or screw-in assemblies.

The 828 series fuse offer a number of key benefits:

  • AEC-Q200 compliant, compact 10 x 38 mm cartridge fuse with very high interrupting rating (10 KA @ 1,000 Vdc) provides superior overcurrent protection for automotive EV designs.
  • End caps with integrated stand-off leads and bolt-down options eliminate the need for mounting accessories or lead-forming processes.
  • Operating temperature range from -55˚C to 125˚C provides reliable protection in extreme temperature environments.
  • An environmentally friendly component, it is RoHS compliant, halogen-free, and 100% Pb free.

The 828 series fuse is provided in tray package of 500 for Through-hole version and 300 for Bolt-down version.