Fibre optic connectors support communications in harsh environments

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a Bel Fuse company, has announced the release of the Fibreco high density mil-spec MT38999 connector range.

Fibreco fiber optic connectors and cable assemblies are specifically designed for military, offshore, mining and other industrial harsh environments, offering high-performance, flexible, cost-effective solutions for any critical communication application.

Fibreco MT38999 connectors incorporate the industry standard fibre optic contact—MT—into an industry standard D38999 circular connector housing in a size 11 shell. D38999 is the most widely used interconnect in the aerospace market, making it a cost effective and standardised solution engineers can be confident utilising in their designs.

With options for 12 or 24 optical channels and single-mode or multimode fibre, the MT38999 products feature low insertion loss and are IP67 rated. The new connectors are available in aluminium, aluminium bronze, or stainless-steel shell options for immediate shipping.