L-com introduces rugged SJTOW power cords

L-com, a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has introduced a line of SJTOW power cords for use outdoors and in extreme indoor industrial environments.

All 13 of the extension cords are resistant to oil, weather and water.

The 6-foot-long power cords in this line are best described by their name, SJTOW. The “S” stands for service cord and indicates they are suitable for general power supply applications. The “J” is for junior service, meaning the cordage is rated for hard service up to 300 volts. The “T” stands for the thermoplastic outer jacket that withstands changing temperatures. The “O” is for oil resistant. The “W” stands for weather-resistant, meaning they withstand exposure to the elements, including moisture and most weather conditions.

These heavy-duty power cords allow users to locate equipment farther away from electrical outlets, for more flexibility when installing equipment in a room or outdoors.

L-com’s SJTOW power cords are designed to power equipment outdoors or in extreme indoor environments − from industrial power stations on factory floors to PCs, power distribution units (PDUs) and servers in data centres. They are offered in 125-volt or 250-volt versions and rated for 15, 20 or 30 amps depending on the connectors and wire-gauge combinations used. Conductor options are 10, 12 or 14 AWG.

There are various combinations of 11 popular connector types: C13, C15, C19, and NEMA-rated connectors in L5-20P, L5-30P, L5-30R, L6-20P, 5-15P, 5-15R, 5-20P and 6-20P. The connectors are reinforced to withstand stress and movement.