Environmental sensors able to detect ambient and UV light

L-com, a supplier of wired and wireless connectivity products, has expanded its line of IoT light-detection environmental sensors. The sensors gauge either ambient or ultraviolet light.

The sensors assist in the use of IoT data collection to make process control more efficient and to lower building and process costs. Applications for the light-detection sensors include greenhouses, agriculture, solar farms, labs, factory floors, manufacturing and general environmental monitoring.

L-com’s sensors can measure either ambient light or UV light. The wall-mount ambient light models measure light intensity up to either 65,000 Lux or 200,000 Lux. They have a waterproof housing and are well suited for outdoors as well as demanding indoor environments such as factory floors.

The UV light model mounts to a DIN rail or a panel and is useful with UV testers, UV index meters, germicidal lamps, flame detection, UV monitoring equipment and other applications. It is sensitive to UV light in the wavelengths of 200 nm to 370 nm. It has a 4-20 mA output and screw-type terminals for easy field termination.

L-com also offers a 3-in-1 environmental integrated transmitter that measures illuminance as well as temperature and humidity. Contained in a weatherproof, wall-mount housing, it is suitable for outdoors and for demanding indoor environments such as solar farms and industrial automation. Its output is via the popular Modbus protocol.

L-com’s new IoT light-detection environmental sensors are in-stock and available for immediate shipment.