Integrated analogue front end saves space and power

Analog Devices has introduced the ADA4350, a FET input analogue front-end with an integrated A/D converter driver designed to interface directly with current mode sensors. It integrates a FET input amplifier, switching network and ADC driver into one package, lowering power and PCB footprint.

The ADA4350 can operate from a 3.3V supply or a dual ±5V supply, offering flexibility when choosing the polarity of the detector. It is available in a 28 lead TSSOP and is specified to operate over a temperature range of -40 to 85°C.

The on-chip programmability of the ADA4350 is said to allow designers to select external feedback components. The ADA4350 features noise performance of 90nV/vHz at 10Hz and broadband noise of 5nV/vHz at 100kHz. Measurement for small, sensitive signals is enabled with the inclusion of integrated gain switching.