Analogue front end reference design

As high resolution systems move to higher bit counts, they become more sensitive to noise, making such systems difficult to build and maintain accuracy. Looking to overcome the challenges, Maxim Integrated has launched the MAXREFDES67, a 24bit analogue front end reference design that can accept four signals.

“MAXREFDES67 is, by far, the highest performance analogue reference design that Maxim has built,” said David Andeen, director of reference designs. “It also features a complete ‘beyond the rails’ signal chain, enabling the entire system to process inputs in excess of the bias voltages for each component.”

Claiming an effective resolution of 22.3bits and a temperature error as low as ±0.1°C over temperatures ranging from -40 to 150°C, Maxim says the universal input micro PLC reference design accepts voltage, current, RTD and thermocouple inputs. It is also said to need no jumpers and to be 100% software configurable.

Maxim has also partnered with Wurth Electronics Midcom to customise an energy efficient power isolation transformer that is compact enough to fit in boards’s credit card sized form factor.