Infineon launches ZVS flyback converter chipset

With the growing popularity of USB-C power delivery (PD) charging users are now looking to access more powerful adapters.

Infineon Technologies has responded to this demand with the launch of the EZ-PD PAG2, a secondary-side controlled ZVS flyback converter chipset.

This chipset, comprising EZ-PD PAG2P and EZ-PD PAG2S, integrates USB PD, a synchronous rectifier, and a PWM controller to ensures efficient communication and isolation between primary and secondary sides using pulse-edge transformer (PET) CYPET121. The chipset supports innovative noncomplementary active-clamp flyback (NCP-ACF) and quasi-resonant flyback with zero voltage switching (QR-ZVS) topologies for enhanced efficiency. This makes it suitable for high-efficiency USB-C adapters, chargers, and travel adapters.

The EZ-PD PAG2 family offers a PD 3.1 standard power range (SPR) with programmable power supply (PPS) and 28V extended power range (EPR) for fast, reliable charging. Suitable for a wide range of wattages, the chipset is compatible with BC v1.2, AFC, Apple charging and QC5.0, and its universal AC line input support from 90 to 265 V AC enhances global usability.

It provides programmable soft-start using an external ss capacitor, offering controlled power-ups and discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), critical conduction mode (CrCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM), as well as burst and skip modes for different load conditions. This adaptability makes it suitable for different regional power sources and device types.

The EZ-PD PAG2 family consists of four specialised products:

  • EZ-PD PAG2S-AC is a secondary-side ACF controller with efficient energy recycling and includes the USB-PD protocol functionality.
  • EZ-PD PAG2S-QZ, another ZVS controller, focuses on QR-ZVS flyback and includes the USB-PD protocol functionality.
  • EZ-PD PAG2P, a primary HV startup controller, integrates various functions for improved system performance. It includes high-voltage startup, PET receiver, gate drivers, and fault protection. EZ-PD PAG2P also features an x-cap discharge and a V cc boost converter.
  • EZ-PD PAG2S-PS is an integrated USB PD and synchronous-rectification (SR) controller that can be paired with third party pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controllers. It features a shunt voltage regulator for constant voltage and current control via optocouplers. It offers best-in-class SR performance with fast turn-on/off time and supports volt-second integration to prevent false SR activation.

The EZ-PD PAG2 family is now available.