IGBTs cut energy losses, improve efficiency

The HB series of IGBTs from STMicroelectronics lowers turn-off energy losses by 40% compared to competing devices, while cutting conduction losses by up to 30%.

Leveraging ST's advanced Trench-Gate Field-Stop High-Speed technology, the HB series has a minimal collector current turn off tail as well as very low saturation voltage (Vce(sat)) down to 1.6V (typical), minimising energy losses during switching and when turned on. The IGBTs are suitable for solar inverters, induction heaters, welders, uninterruptible power supplies, power-factor correction and other high frequency power converters. The extended voltage rating of 650V ensures at least 600V breakdown voltage in ambient temperatures down to -40°C, making them suitable for solar inverters marketed in colder climates. Options include maximum current ratings from 30 to 80A (at 100°C), a selection of popular power packages, and co-packed diode optimised for resonant or hard switching circuits.