IR expands family of 600V IGBTs

International Rectifier has expanded its portfolio of 600V IGBTs to include the IRxx46xx series.

The 23 devices that make up the range are optimised for everything from small motors and loads to industrial applications such as uninterruptible power supplies, solar, induction heating, industrial motor and welding applications. The IGBTs utilise trench thin wafer Field Stop technology to offer low and balanced conduction and switching losses. Co-packaged with a soft recovery low Qrr diode, they are optimised for ultra fast switching with 5µs short circuit rating and feature low VCE(ON) and positive VCE(ON) temperature coefficient for easy paralleling. The IGBTs are suitable for a range of switching frequencies and deliver higher system efficiency and rugged transient performance. In addition, the internal soft recovery diode improves system efficiency and reduces EMI for greater reliability.