IDC connector system

Interconnect specialist Lane Electronics has launched a range of mass-terminated insulation displacement contact (IDC) connectors and mating headers.

The Mas-Con IDC connector system can be terminated to discrete wire or flat cable and is produced by ITW PANCON a manufacturer of connectors for pcbs and flat cable connections. The Mas-Con system is available in 0.1 and 0.156in contact pitch. According to Lane, the 0.1in connectors can handle up to 4A per contact and are available in 2 through 36 ways. The larger pitch connectors can handle between 8 and 12.5A per contact and are available in 2 through 24 ways. The connectors are colour coded to identify the correct wire gauge and each connector incorporates a wire retainer to secure the wire in place prior to termination. Connectors are available for through or end terminations and flat, polarised and locking header styles can be supplied in straight and right angle configurations. Accessories available include covers, strain reliefs, polarising keys, rack and panel applications.