Harwin unveils ultra-compact EMI/RFI shield clips

Covering a surface area of just 2.3mm x 1.2mm and with a 2mm height, S0911-46R shield can clip from Harwin is the smallest surface mount EMI/RFI shield clip currently available on the market.

This ultra-compact component, which has a Beryllium Copper construction with Tin over Nickel plating, enables shielding cans with sides of only 1mm in length to be fitted, in order that minimal board real estate is taken up. Designed for 0.2mm can thicknesses, it is suitable for cans that have complex shapes.

The S0911-46R is accompanied by the S0921-46R corner shield can clip, which provides additional shielding at the corner gaps of cans. This clip component is able to accommodate Harwin’s larger thickness shield cans (0.3mm thick), with each corner clip only taking up 6mm squared of PCB surface area.

By using the clip-based approach engineers are able to avoid needing to solder the required shield can to the PCB. This not only significantly simplifies the production process, but offers much greater flexibility too. Attaching the shield can to the board is a straightforward procedure that may be carried out rapidly. Since solder is no longer needed, environmental impact is much less of a concern. It also eliminates the heat sink effect that is associated with direct soldering of the can to the PCB. Furthermore, the shield can be easily removed after deployment for inspection or maintenance purposes.

The S09 shield clips are targeted at use in electronics designs where space is seriously restricted, such as wearable devices (smart watches, fitness trackers), IoT equipment (sensor nodes, data acquisition modules) and portable consumer products (smartphones, MP3 players, action cameras). Their compact design means that they are suitable for a broad array of different applications.

An operational temperature range covering -55°C to +105°C is supported, in order to ensure that the highest degrees of reliability are upheld.

Shipped in a tape-and-reel format, they are optimized for automated production lines.