Harting extends preLink cabling system

Harting has announced that its preLink PCB now delivers preLink Ethernet connection technology directly to the circuit board via the housing wall.

The cabling system features M12 cable sockets, which can be used as wall ducts, and a circuit board socket that can accommodate the connector block – the centrepiece of the preLink system – directly.

The preLink system’s key operating feature is the separation of the fixed and inseparable connection between cable and connector into two separate units. Whereas in the past cable and connector could only be connected once, preLink features two separable units.

The first unit is composed of the connector, sockets, couplings and PCB connections with an identical connector for the preLink connector block.

The connector block is the second unit and is the heart of the system. It can accommodate up to eight stranded or solid conductors, which are shortened and contacted with nippers at the same time in a single process. Suitable for assembly in situ, the cable fits any preLink component and can be inserted or removed and swapped at any time. This means that cables and connectors can be interchanged individually or installed separately.

This modular system is available with RJ45 solutions for IP20, as waterproof PushPull connectors or sockets, for linking M12 connectors and also as extenders for line extensions. In order to adapt the system to the requirements of device developers even further, Harting is expanding the preLink portfolio with the addition of an M12 socket, which can also be used as a wall duct.

The addition of the PCB socket makes the preLink system a complete cabling solution suitable for 1/10Gbit Ethernet. IT, building automation or industrial applications. All possible interfaces can be connected with the modular preLink solution rapidly, securely and reversibly.