Green Hills Software supports Freescale P2020 Multicore Processor

Green Hills Software has announced a software development and run time management solution for embedded products based on the multicore Freescale QorIQ P2020 and P2010 communications processors.

Components of the Green Hills Software development toolkit include the INTEGRITY RTOS and INTEGRITY Secure Virtualisation (ISV), optimizing C/C++ compilers for Power Architecture technology, MULTI integrated development environment (IDE), and high speed hardware probes. Robert Redfield, director of partner business development, Green Hills Software, said: "The P2020 and P2010 achieve high performance with networking versatility in a low power envelope, enabling designers to dramatically increase the level of functionality in their embedded products. We are pleased to be working closely with Freescale to bring the world's most reliable and robust operating system, virtualisation, and software development solutions to this exciting platform." Green Hills Software provides solutions for developing and deploying embedded real time applications for Freescale QorIQ communications processors. These include: • INTEGRITY RTOS – designed for total reliability and absolute security. INTEGRITY is being used today on QorIQ-based systems in networking, industrial control, military and telecom • INTEGRITY Secure Virtualisation – a flexible embedded virtualisation solution for hosting guest operating systems alongside real time applications and middleware • MULTI Integrated Development Environment – provides a software development environment for building, debugging, testing and optimising multicore embedded applications • Green Hills Optimising Compilers – generate code from C, C++, Ada 95 for the e500 Power Architecture cores • Green Hills Probe – the third generation Green Hills Probe is designed for developers to find and fix bugs quickly with its run-control and processor visibility interfaces