Expanding MOSFET family

Toshiba has expanded its family of high-efficiency, low-voltage MOSFETs by adding 30V and 60V devices to its existing 40V offering.

All devices will be available in compact, thermally efficient DSOP Advance package options that improve heat dissipation through dual-sided cooling, allowing the use of smaller heatsinks or even eliminating the need for a heatsink.

The N-channel MOSFETs are based on Toshiba's U-MOS IX-H trench semiconductor process, which has been designed to deliver efficiency across a range of load conditions by lowering RDS(ON) and improving switching efficiency by reducing output charge (QOSS).

At 10V, the maximum RDS(ON) rating for the 30V MOSFET is 0.6mO, while typical COSS is 2160pF. The 60V part offers RDS(ON) and typical COSS ratings of 1.3mO and 960pF. The MOSFETs are said to operate at channel temperatures of up to 175°C and are supplied in low-profile surface mount packages with a PCB footprint of 5 x 6mm.