PCIM 2018 - Toshiba releases automotive 40V N-Channel power MOSFETs in 5mm x 6mm package

Two MOSFETs housed in the small low-resistance SOP Advance (WF) package in 5mm x 6mm size have been released by Toshiba Electronics Europe.

These are new additions to its automotive 40V N-channel power MOSFET series and will be showcased at PCIM.

The TPHR7904PB and TPH1R104PB are AEC-Q101 qualified and are intended for automotive applications, including Electric Power Steering, load switches, electric pumps, and fans.

Fabricated using the ninth-generation trench U-MOS IX-H process and housed in a small low-resistance package, the new MOSFETs provide on-resistance (RDS(ON)) as low as max 0.79mΩ at VGS=10V, thereby reducing conduction losses. The devices specified with a Drain-Source voltage (VDSS) of 40V and can handle drain currents (ID) up to 150 A DC. The U-MOS IX-H design also lowers switching noise, helping to reduce electromagnetic interference.

The SOP Advance (WF) package employs a wettable flank terminal structure, which enables automated visual inspection of solder joints on PCBs.