Toshiba announces new 60V-2.5A n-channel mosfet for battery voltage boosting

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Toshiba Electronics Europe (TEE) has introduced a 60V semi-power mosfet within its line up of S-MOS devices. The new SSM3K318T is suitable for battery voltage boosting in white LED backlight applications.

The common load switching application in portable devices can be operated from the battery voltage with low voltage mosfets of 20V maximum rating. However for LED backlighting applications with series connection of white LEDs, voltages need to be boosted to higher levels leading to maximum drain source voltage requirements of 60V. With a maximum drain current rating of 2.5A the Toshiba SSM3K318T n-channel power mosfet is designed to boost a battery voltage to the level needed to turn on LED arrays, with both high speed switching and high efficiency. The device features an ON-resistance of 83.5 m? (typ.) at VGS = 10V, and low capacitance of 235 pF at VDS = 30V. Low RDS(ON) and capacitance increase switching speed and efficiency said to result in longer battery life for portable applications. According to Toshiba, the 60V rating makes the mosfet suitable for industrial and telecommunication applications. The SSM3K318T is available in a TSM package that measures 2.9 x 2.8 x 0.7mm.