Customised aluminium enclosures

SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY aluminium enclosures from OKW are now available in custom sizes.

Electronics engineers will now be able to specify housings which can be modified to the exact length/height to suit the PCBs and electronic components being fitted inside.

SMART-TERMINAL and SYNERGY are designed for a wide range of applications including peripherals, measurement and control, medical equipment, Smart factory, Industry 4.0, building services, IoT/IIoT and high end home automation and combine extruded aluminium profiles with high-grade plastics to create ultra-modern aesthetics.

SMART-TERMINAL enclosures can be ordered in custom lengths to accommodate large volume touchscreens, displays and PCBs. They can be used for desktop, handheld and wall mounted applications.

SYNERGY can be specified in custom heights in 5 mm increments to suit customers’ PCBs and electronics. The enclosure features a fast-connect system based around four internal assembly pillars which snap together, so there are no visible fixing screws.

SMART-TERMINAL’s aluminium case is capped by two UV-stable ASA+PC-FR end covers in the standard colour lava. These deeply recessed covers fit into soft-touch TPV seals (volcano or green as standard). SYNERGY’s top and base are moulded from black ASA+PC-FR as standard.

SMART-TERMINAL is available in one width (170 mm) and height (50 mm) and three standard profile lengths: 160, 200, 240 mm. The covers add a further 42 mm. Flat aluminium end plates which add just 4 mm are available as an option.

SYNERGY is offered in four shapes – square, rectangular, circular and oval – and 36 standard sizes. Plan sizes range from 100 x 100 mm to 200 x 100 mm.

Accessories for SMART-TERMINAL include a case canting kit, wall suspension element, PCB mounting nuts and anti-slide feet. SYNERGY accessories include wall suspension elements, battery compartments (AA x 3, AA x 4) and button cell holders.

In addition to bespoke sizes, customisation services also include CNC machining; printing of legends and logos; custom colours; photo quality decor foils; installation and assembly.