Common mode filters come with integrated ESD protection

Nexperia has announced, what is says, is the market’s fastest common mode filter (choke)/ ESD protection combination.

The PCMFxUSB3BA/C features a differential passband of up to 10 GHz 3dB frequency and a very high surge robustness of up to 7.5 A 8/20 µs. It is designed to suppress common mode and single-ended noise while minimising the impact on the signal integrity of extremely fast data lines.

Developed to meet the requirements of Super Speed USB applications, the devices provide effective 1, 2 & 3 line pair protection (Tx +/-, Rx +/-, D +/-) and filtering. Proven for 10 Gbps communications line protection, the filter’s system-level robustness exceeds the IEC 61000-4-2 level 4, suiting them for use with sensitive SoCs.

The solution also minimises reflections when compared to a discrete design. The integration of Nexperia’s TrEOS technology results in low clamping and high robustness. The PCMFxUSB3BA/C extends the company's family of Common Mode Filters (PCMF devices), helping to optimise the choice between differential pass-band and common-mode rejection at signal fundamentals and higher harmonics.

The PCMF filters are available in very low-inductance, space-saving WLCSP packages. Devices are footprint-compatible with available ESD-only solutions for fast design changes.