Coax connector system for small cell mobile communications

HUBER+SUHNER has unveiled a small coaxial connector system that has been designed specifically to meet the space limitation requirements of small cell mobile communications.

According to HUBER+SUHNER, the industry’s move to the small cell approach has demanded the development of this small high-performance RF coaxial connector, the NEX10, to match the cell’s smaller radio and antenna.

The connector system features PIM stability of -166dBc, a flexible coupling mechanism, either quick lock or screw and a compact ruggedised design with flange height of just 12.7mm.

The NEX10 system’s robust design is intended to eliminate any damage or operator errors during installation and is optimised for corrugated cable sizes of up to 0.635cm. A weather protection boot, which is part of the interface, makes it suitable for outdoor use in extreme weather conditions.

The NEX10 connector has been designed by three leading RF interconnection manufacturers - HUBER+SUHNER, Radiall and Rosenberger - to meet existing and future demands of small cell networks for today’s 4G and the upcoming 5G networks.