Bulgin expands RF connector product range

Bulgin has added further products to its extensive portfolio of RF connectors.

Designed to work with coaxial cables already in use in large-scale communication infrastructure, these connectors have been designed to deliver multi-GHz operation and exhibit industry-leading transmission characteristics. They also benefit from very low impedance levels of 50Ohm, and have insulation resistance values that are greater than 5000MOhm to minimize the losses experienced.

The 1.85mm format connectors feature M7 threads, with a frequency range that spans all the way through to 65GHz. Alongside them there are the 2.4mm and 2.92mm connectors, which operate mode-free up to 50GHz and 40GHz respectively. These are further complemented by N-Type connectors (that each have a threaded coupling mechanism), TNC-compatible connectors, plus compact high-precision SMA and SSMA connectors. RF terminations and connector adapters are also available.

According to Bulgin, the robustness of these new connectors is a key differentiator and assures their long-term reliability, even when they are deployed in uncompromising environments. They can cope with voltages reaching up to 1000V. An operational temperature range covering -65°C to +165°C is also supported.

Passivated stainless steel construction means that the Bulgin RF connectors possess extremely high degrees of mechanical durability and offer prolonged operational lifespans. Plug or jack type contacts can be selected. These contacts are made from beryllium copper alloy and have 20N retention. Either screw or bayonet locking mechanisms are featured, in order to maintain connector integrity.