Astrodyne unveils new line of EMI/EMC filters

Astrodyne TDI, a manufacturer of power conversion and EMI/EMC solutions, has developed a DIN-rail mount EMI/EMC filter line, specially designed for industrial and medical applications that require a highly compact solution.

These EMI/EMC filters present a simplistic din-rail mount design with terminal blocks featuring user-friendly spring-cage connections for ease of termination.

The DIN-rail EMI/EMC filter was developed to address both weight and size issues and employs an extremely slim plastic enclosure that allows required space for components while ensuring compact form factor and lightweight.

Astrodyne 089 DIN-rail series, is a single-phase EMI/EMC solution that operates up to 250 VAC. It is available with a metal oxide varistor (MOV) to protect the circuit from high voltage spikes by varying resistance. This feature is especially useful in applications and installation where severe load variation exists or supply voltage is unstable.

The DIN-rail mount EMI/EMC filter line is also available with high voltage capabilities. The high voltage DIN-rail EMI filter series, 089H, supports a 300VAC voltage rating and it does not include MOV. Both 089 and 089H DIN-rail filters are offered in 1A, 3A, 6A, 10A, and 16A rated currents.

These DIN-rail filters are offered for both general-purpose commercials/industrial and low leakage medical applications. The medical version is offered with no line to ground capacitors resulting in negligible leakage currents.