Amphenol RF expands its antenna portfolio with NFC antennas

Amphenol RF has introduced new Near FieldCommunication (NFC) antennas into its portfolio of internal RF antennas.

NFC antennas are easy to use and offer high-performance capabilities which support NFC-Forum wireless standards. They are available in standard configurations with adhesive mount options. These short-range internal antennas operate at 13.56 MHz and are suited for compact IoT devices such as smartphones, tablets and portable gaming systems and within payment readers and ticketing systems, and are commonly used in devices that require pairing with a Bluetooth device.

NFC antennas are extremely small in size and manufactured from either PI or FR-4 materials, with or without ferrite and adhesive. Testing, tuning and measurement capabilities of NFC antennas is available. These antennas are critical for quick short-range data transfer capabilities within smart IoT devices which are becoming standard as technology continues to evolve.

These NFC antennas join a broad range of internal and external options available from Amphenol RF to meet any design requirement. Custom designs are also available if additional assembly is needed such as cable and connector or combo-design with a wireless charging coil.