Accurate, single-chip protection IC for one-cell lithium battery packs

Diodes Incorporated has released the AP9234L IC specifically designed to provide a high-accuracy, single-chip solution for one-cell lithium-ion or lithium-polymer rechargeable battery packs. These devices can be used as battery protection circuit modules for smart phones, cameras and similar consumer electronics equipment.

The AP9234L is claimed to integrate a high-accuracy battery protection circuit with a dual N-channel common drain MOSFET that features an RSS(ON) of 13mO at VDD = 4.0V and ID = 1.0A typical. Safe battery charging and discharging is achieved by turning the MOSFET off when overcharge voltage/current, over-discharge voltage/current, or load short-circuit conditions are detected. A built-in fixed delay time also protects external components.

Stable voltage detection over the full -40 to 85°C operating temperature range is ensured by Diodes’ innovative design and process technology, which also delivers power savings through a low quiescent current, typically 3.0µA in normal mode and 0.1µA in power-down mode.

Additionally, an over-current detection voltage compensation circuit assures current limit accuracy. As well as a power-down capability, the AP9234L features a selectable auto-wake up function and offers protection voltage customisation to cater for different cell-type specifications.