Li-Ion battery protection ICs with high accuracy overcurrent detection

Nisshinbo Micro Devices has launched the NB7142 and NB7143 series Li-Ion battery protection ICs, intended for applications requiring high-precision overcurrent and short-circuit detection, such as portable gadgets, smartphones, game consoles and handheld devices.

The NB7142 and NB7143 are protection ICs that have been designed for one-cell Li-ion/polymer batteries. They are equipped with standard features such as overcharge/over-discharge voltage and charge/discharge overcurrent detection, which makes the application highly reliable. With a wide overcurrent detection range, the protection IC can handle any challenging overcurrent event.

The low standby current provides extended operating time even with small capacity batteries. The FET-sense current detection guarantees high accuracy in over-current and short-circuit detection, making it an indispensable tool for any battery-powered device.

The NB7142 and NB7143 series are available in small DFN1212-6-GK and DFN1814-6-GN packages and are convenient to use on small circuit boards or can be integrated into a laminated battery pack.

Specifications NB7142 & NB7143:

Operating Input Voltage: 1.5 V to 5.0 V (Maximum Rating: 12 V)

Number of Cells: 1

Supply Current: Typ. 1.5 µA

Standby Current: Max. 0.04 µA (VDET2: Latch type), Max. 0.50 µA (VDET2: Auto release type)

Overcharge Detection Voltage: 4.2 V to 4.8 V (5 mV Step)

Overcharge Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±20 mV

Overcharge Detection Delay Time: 1024 ms

Over-discharge Detection Voltage: 2.0 V to 3.0 V (50 mV Step)

Over-discharge Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±50 mV

Over-discharge Detection Delay Time: 64 ms, 128 ms

Discharge Overcurrent Detection Voltage: 0.0150 V to 0.1500 V (0.5 mV Step)

Discharge Overcurrent Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±3 mV (0.015 V to 0.060 V), ±5% (0.060 V to 0.100 V), ±5 mV (0.100 V to 0.150 V)

Discharge Overcurrent Detection Delay Time: 12 ms, 128 ms

Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage: -0.150 V to -0.020 V (0.5 mV Step)

Charge Overcurrent Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±3 mV (-0.060 V to -0.020 V), ±5% (-0.100 V to -0.060 V), ±5 mV (-0.150 V to -0.100 V)

Charge Overcurrent Detection Delay Time: 8 ms, 17 ms

Short Detection Voltage: 0.060 V to 0.400 V (5 mV Step)

Short Detection Voltage Accuracy: ±5%

Short Detection Delay Time: 0.3 ms

Conditions for Overcharge Restoration: Auto Release / Latch

Conditions for Over-discharge Restoration: Auto Release / Latch

0 V Battery Charging: Permission / Inhibition

Package NB7142 / NB7143: DFN1212-6-GK / DFN1814-6-GN

Datasheet: NB7142, NB7143